Why Does my Videos Keep Buffering? [Youtube, Computer]

Videos on Youtube freeze or buffer at times, but why? We uncover the reasons why some videos seem to freeze or buffer while others do just fine on your computer. Videos tend to buffer for several reasons which can be solved if taken proper steps.

One reason why videos on your computer c...

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How to Make a Youtube Video
Youtube Logo

After watching hundreds of Youtube videos, deciding to become apart of the Youtube community by making videos is a awesome idea. No one can predict what will be the next popular video on Youtube. The next popular video on You...

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How to Enhance Video Quality with Software

Video quality is determined by the number of pixels a video has. If a video has been decompressed or lost a lot of the pixels it wont be as good of a quality anymore. To improve the quality of the video you must find a way to retrieve the pixels. This has been virtually impossible to do but recen...

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How to Compress a Video File for Email or Youtube

Compressing a video file reduces its overall size and allows for uploading the video file much faster. Your internet service providers upload speeds and the the size the video is will affect the time it takes to upload a video to youtube or for sending it through email. If you have slow upload sp...

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Best Video File Formats and Types List

A list of video file formats that are commonly and uncommonly used. The video file types listed here are all different which use specific codecs to encode and compress the video out to the user. The extension of the video file formats listed here and file description and popularity will help you ...

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